We can’t believe it’s about to be 2023! So much has happened this year!

The 90’s unofficially, officially came back in style with the wide leg denim & the return of claw clips & layered hairstyles.

 So many of our favorite movies from years ago got sequels like Hocus Pocus & Top Gun… And (We’re definitely not mad about that shirtless beach volleyball scene that the latter gave us.)

Ben & J. Lo finally tied the knot after decades of being apart which gives up hope that when it comes to love anything can happen.  

Uggs came back, Tiktok takes over, binge watching & streaming went to new heights, somehow the Olympics & The World Cup also happened this year.

We met the Targaryens, and we all fell in love with Daemon... I mean Matt Smith again...

So many things happened & it is truly wild to realize & see all that one year can truly bring.

But now, the time is here to get all glitzed & glammed in our sequins & sparkles so we can wave goodbye to this past year & cheers to all of the next year’s adventures that are yet to come. We have NYE traditions to partake in, a list of what to wear for the big night, & upcoming trends we foresee in this next year’s future.

NYE Traditions That Never Go Out Of Style

What color panties are you wearing to Bring in 2023?

Choose the color wisely, the color undies you have on will bring you luck...


Red: Italians say Wear red for "Luck & Success" in the new year. Where latin culture suggests Red Brings Love, passion and romance.

White: Peace, Harmony, Happiness

Yellow: Prosperity, Wealth, and Success 

Blue: Wellness, Good Health, Tranquility

Green: Well Being, Life, more adventure, nature.  

Pink/Nude: Harmony, & Friendship

A List of Activities For A Prosperous New Year:

1. Eat 12 grapes: 12 Grapes for 12 months of good luck. Make a wish as you eat the first grape.

 2. Drink Champagne with a ring inside: No one has ever complained about having too much money, so to have more financial luck, drop a gold ring into the glass you plan on toasting with.

3. Eat Spinach and other greens — collard greens, kale, etc. They are eaten on New Year's Day because their deep green color symbolizes money and prosperity.

4. Eat Black Eyed Peas: New Years Day, to ward off the evil eye, and they will ensure you will have a financially prosperous New Year. 

5. At Midnight Have cash in hand and cash in your wallet: Helps bring money towards you in the New Year. 

6. The Midnight Kiss: Wish good Luck in the New Year to the person you kiss.

7. New Years Day: Don't sweep, do the dishes, shower, or wash your hair, you will wash all of your luck away. 

What We’re Wearing to Start off The New Year

The ball will soon drop & the clock will strike midnight guiding us all into a fresh perspective & a new calendar year. This week as we prepare for the hottest NYE parties & select which ones we want to go to, we also have decide what we’re going to wear! Well don’t worry darling because we have the best inspo to have you looking your best as we head into TWENTY-TWENTY-THREE, BABY! It's our Michael Jordan Year! 


Good American Good Icon Diamond Dusted Denim


Diamonds in the front, denim in the back! Dripped out denim is the perfect way to bring in 2023!


 Le Superbe Studio 54 Kate Sequin Dress


It’s the time of the year you’re allowed to literally have light reflect off your outfit, so yes, we’re going all out! This dress is basically a walking disco ball & is such a flattering shape that it’s just begging to be worn til’ midnight! Pair with your fave pumps & a faux fur jacket to complete the dazzling look.



Cami NYC Raven Feather Dress


A satin dress with feather details along the hemline? Just like the Scream Queens, this dress is dying to be worn on NYE. It’s simple & elegant with just the right amount of flare to make it stand out & be special. This dress also was worn by Hillary Duff... so you know its pretty legit.



 Concepts Reno Glitters & Gold Maxi Dress


Could this dress be anymore perfect to wear while waiting for the ball to drop? We’re swooning over the easy look & flow that this dress embodies, from it’s mix of colors to it’s textures & attention to details. We’re talking about you, straps tied as bows at the shoulder! What a fun & flirty outfit to be wearing at the party of the year. Our accessory of choice? Champagne flute in hand.



Concepts Reno Sexy Satin Midi Slip Dress With Back Tie


There’s not much to say about a silver satin dress because it is simply p-e-r-f-e-c-t to wear for your New Year’s Eve main character plot line. You can easily dance the night away in this breathable look or look fancy AF on the couch sipping prosecco. It’s the last night of the year & you deserve to feel & look your absolute best, bestie!

Click the image below to shop all the NYE edit! 




Confetti Eyes!

Softly Bronze the lid

Take Floating confetti Glitter Gems, carefully place them in the curve of your eye with makeup glue (AMAZON LINK)

Add a bold true red lip. 


Velvet nails mimic the smooth, fuzzy texture of your favorite party dress but with an added touch of molten sparkle. Most takes you'll see on the velvet nail trend are an illusion created with sparkling nail polish and magnets (CAT EYE)


2023 Trend Forecast

We are mid winter, so some of these trends you are already seeing, but there are so many fun trends to come. 

WTF is up with DENIM?

If you are reminiscing on the day of working from home in sweats, I don't blame you, but the jean trends in 2023 give me hope for a denim clad future and I promise... NO 2000's LOW RISE NECESSARY.  

Two tone denim, darker panel on the side makes your legs look longer and skinnier.

Cargo Jeans


Are we going to experiment the Canadian way Eh? YES... Bring back the denim on denim Canadian Tux girl.

Straight is still one of our favorite silhouettes. 


From cropped jackets, to ankle length sleeping bag jackets, things are PUFFED like Diddy and we love it. Wear this trend with leggings & an oversized crewneck or with a sweat set to add an extra statement. We see this style heading into spring with oversized denim, a basic cotton tee, & dad tennies. 

Cargo Pants – They have been slowly inching their way to the limelight towards the end of this past year & we think they’ll be officially front & center come Spring. We’re talking oversized with a hint of grunge & even fitted with a bit of flare. Cargo pants are the new dress with pockets because everyone is so excited about these!

Carpenter pants, in the same family as the cargo, but are a bit more tailored and easier to wear If you have a curvier body type 

Sheer – Sexy during the daytime is slowly showing it’s skin in the game. Cropped tops & long sleeve shirts that are sheer found at brands like SKIMS & GOOD AMERICAN are here to stay.

LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER : Moto vibe meets chic.

Lots of leather jackets (Did they ever go out though?)

more of a minimalistic, and clean aesthetic. 

Metallics: HAVING A MOMENT! We're seeing the attention grabbing hue in a variety of colors. Seeing it on Swimsuits to shoes, handbags to hats, and everything in between. 

Revisiting 1920s: Hints of fringing, feathers and wraparound boas are bringing back the Roaring Twenties!


Platforms – Out with the flat & in with the plat! Because platforms are deff the most popular shoe style out there! Whether it’s in a comfy slipper form like UGGS or combats boots with a little extra height, platforms are taking over the shoe world & they aren’t slowing down anytime soon!


Moving into SPRING

Crochet: Blending craftsmanship and 1970s charm, crochet remains a safe option for summer. Fitting in with city and beachy wardrobes. 

Tennis: Make tennis dresses wearable... Drop the Lululemon leggings for a tennis skirt and sneakers for a more casual look.

Fringing: The latest take on fringing is a far cry from its bohemian aesthetic, with the detail adorning even the most sophisticated pieces in your wardrobe.

Shades of sunset: What would summer be without its sunsets? In addition to thriving on Instagram, they will also prevail in our wardrobes. The sunset effect with flamboyant dip-dye shading will last from the high season right up until the Indian summer.



Hairstyle - We’re predicting that it’ll be out with the old blonde balayage & in with the brunettes going back to their original roots (literally). We're seeing lots of "Bronde" less time in the salon for more fun! 

Nails – Almond nails are the nail shape of the year. We’re calling it now! Especially if it’s a French manicure style almond shaped nail with a tip color like brown or black.

 Social Media – BeReal. It’s something that will start to gain more traction with people who really are wanting IG to go back to it’s original “live in the moment” real life mentality. But trust us, Instagram & Tiktok aren’t going anywhere.

Makeup – The rise of fresh face & no make-up makeup looks are upon us. We love a full on glam look, but I think we’ll continue to see women starting to fully love & embrace their natural selves & we’re hear for it!


A Drink to help keep you awake until that ball drops!


  • 1 oz espresso

  • 1/2 oz simple syrup

  • 1/2 oz creamer, optional

  • 3 espresso beans, garnish


  • Shake and strain into a martini glass.

  • Garnish with espresso beans.

Let’s grab the bubbly, our girls & reflect on all our goals we crushed these past 365 days! We survived another trip around the sun while balancing life & chasing our dreams & that is something worth celebrating. We’re grateful for every single one of you who support our endeavors & we can’t wait to see the goodness that this next year throws our way!

-Concepts In the WIld




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